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Program Risk Management, Inc.
(PRM) provides high-quality management and administrative services to self-insured groups in New York State.

Is self-insurance right for your group or association?  We can take you through the following steps to help you make that determination:

Step 1 -- Member survey
By surveying members, either in person or by confidential mail and telephone, we can gather the opinion of the members about various programs, whether they would support such programs, their current cost of risk, and other pertinent details.

Step 2 -- Feasibility studies
From the survey, feasibility studies (including actuarial analyses) are performed to enable the group's management to make an informed decision regarding self-insured programs.

Step 3 -- Financing
If the group management decides to proceed, financing -- including initial funding -- can be arranged so that programs become operational in the shortest possible time, bringing benefits to the membership faster than more traditional approaches.

Step 4 -- Marketing materials and personal follow-ups
Working with the trade group or association, PRM coordinates sales and marketing through the use of professionally prepared materials designed for the program. Presentations are employed to explain the benefits of association membership, including the programs offered. Personal follow-ups are conducted by experienced staff who know how to present the programs in a professional and thorough manner.

Client support services structure
PRM has built a client support services structure among some of the most experienced and dedicated organizations in New York State. Support organizations include banks, investment managers, actuarial consultants, premium finance companies, CPAs and attorneys, working closely with the Program Administrator. Each of these organizations have the expertise needed to help manage risk efficiently, and each is critical to providing proper coverage at the lowest cost possible.


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